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Profile of a Sinn Fein IRA terrorist

Martin McGuinness,  terrorist  and now  EDUCATION MINISTER 

PERSONAL INFORMATION Born: Bogside, Londonderry, 1950 
Age: 50 


1965-68 Butcher's Assistant. 

1971-73 Officer - Command Derry Brigade PIRA

As the commanding officer of the IRA's Derry Brigade in the early 70's he personally fought countless gun battles with British soldiers and organized the destruction of the commercial centre of his native city. Of the city's 150 shops only 20 were left trading. One third of the 320 killed in Londonderry attributed to the troubles died in street clashes and gun battles during this period (54 of them members of HM Security Forces). 

1972 One of 7 IRA delegation invited to London for "Peace Talks" with William Whitelaw. "All of them (including McGuinness and Adams) were IRA, not Sinn Fein" Sean MacStiofain (former IRA Chief of Staff). 

1973 Arrested, Donegal close to car filled with 2501b of explosives and 5000 rounds of ammunition, sentenced to 6 month imprisonment. McGuinness refused to recognize the Republic's court and stated only "I am a member of the Derry Brigade of Oglaigh na hEireann (Gaelic for IRA) and am very, very proud of it". 

1974 Arrested and jailed in Republic for membership of PIRA. 

1975 Director of Operations, Northern Command PIRA. 1976 Jailed, Crumlin Road, Belfast. Charged with membership PIRA, later dropped. 

1982 Ceased to be Chief of Staff PIRA, to perform political role. Although he, it is believed, is no longer involved in the IRA's administration on a day-to-day basis and holds no formal title on the Army Council, he remains the most important Republican leader and a most influential figure. 

1983-2000 Negotiator for Sinn Fein source: Kevin Toolis's book on the IRA, Rebel Hearts published by Picador 1995



Eamonn McCann "For Martin and other Republicans this is a war and in a war people suffer. As a supporter of the republican movement he is surrounded by people who have inflicted grief. But I have no doubt Martin McGuinness would be distressed by the death of civilians." 

Dr Edward Daly (former Roman Catholic Bishop of Derry) "I fundamentally disagree with him (McGuinness) on the issue of violence. I believe it to be immoral and wrong, he believes it to be morally justified". 

Gregory Campbell (Londonderry DUP Councillor ) "He is a cold-blooded ruthless terrorist and a liar. He will way up the consequences of his actions only in terms of benefit to the IRA, regardless of the cost in human lives." 

Source: Kevin Toolis's book on the IRA Rebel Hearts published by Picador 1995 

Sean O'Callaghan "Martin McGuinness has been an active Republican since 1970.

He was Chief of Staff of the IRA 1977-82.

He has been a member of the IRA Army Council since 1976."

"The organization led by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness would like to murder me. That organization will go on murdering other people until they are finally defeated". "McGuinness is a hard militant with a proven track record of operational experience. He is a fanatic who has been, along with people like Adams, responsible for mass murder". The IRA Army Council including Martin McGuinness sanctioned the Canary Wharf bomb. "Right up to the present day, Adams and McGuinness have been firmly in charge of the Republican movement. They could not have possibly remained if the Army Council of the IRA had approved the ending of the cease fire bend sanctioned the Canary Wharf bombing without their knowledge or agreement".Source: The Informer 


McGuinness named as "Britain's  #1 terrorist

Source: The Cooke Report

An active Republican since 1969 he was a member of the top-level PIRA delegation which met Northern Ireland Secretary of State William Whitelaw in London, July 1972. The previous year he had become leader of the PIRA in Derry, and he has been imprisoned on several occasions both in Northern Ireland and the Republic. 

Source: Northern Ireland - A Political Directory 1968-1999 by Sydney Elliott and W.D. Flakes (p330)


 "We don't believe that winning elections and winning any amount of votes will bring freedom to Ireland - at the end of the day it will be the cutting edge of the IRA, that will bring freedom". (16/05/85 after Londonderry City Council elections) Source. Taylor Report "Freedom can only be gained at the point of an IRA rifle and I apologize to no one for saying that we support and admire the freedom fighters of the IRA. 

Source.. Irish News 23/06/86

1773 MURDERS  have been attributed  to the  PROVISIONAL IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY (PIRA)

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, along with five other republicans,  are active members of the ruling IRA  army council !!


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